Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Commitment Cardigan

To kick things off in the new year, I started knitting a cardigan for Michael. Because I wanted it to be something that he would wear a lot, I asked him to choose any sweater pattern he liked. Remind me that I should think before doing that again. Not that he doesn't have good taste, because he definitely does... I mean, he did pick out a cardigan. I'm just not a huge fan repeating miles of stockinette in finger weight yarn. But just as I am committed to Michael, I am committed to making this sweater for him, no matter how bored I may become while making it. Hence I dubbed this project "The Commitment Cardigan".

Despite the fact that I will be knitting only stockinette for the foreseeable future, deep down I'm secretly glad he chose this cardigan. First of all, I love the classic look of the cardigan (Brooklyn Tweed's Longfellow by Michelle Wang), especially in the Forest Heather color he picked out -- not to mention the crazy deal I scored from Knit Picks on the yarn. Secondly, I love Brooklyn Tweed patterns. I feel like I learn a new technique every time I make one of their patterns. Maybe I will also let him choose his next sweater pattern, with stipulations of course!

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