Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ski Sweater for Me

I'm usually a monogamous knitter so I can design without being overwhelmed with projects. But just because I confine myself to knitting only one project at a time, doesn't mean I can't also mull over what to make next, right? So here's what I'm thinking...

GGN Norwegian Ski Sweater © Courtney Walters

I found this Norwegian Ski Sweater on ravelry that I just love! That means my next sweater will be for me. I'm going to work this in worsted weight, because I want to go much faster than the fingering weight cardigan I'm currently working. I'm planning to use the Malabrigo Rios in Sand Bank and Teal Feather that bought from Circle of Stitches back in November -- I'm thinking Sand Bank as the main color and Teal Feather as the contrast color. I'm also thinking of knitting pieces flat and making a modified drop shoulder. Plus I'm terrified of steeking.

Malabrigo Rios in Sand Bank and Teal Feather

What do you guys think????


  1. I think those colors will look beautiful on you! Plus you should definitely knit something for yourself. So....does this mean you will try skiing again??

    1. Thanks Diane! Despite being slightly traumatized the first time, I must say that I would absolutely ski again, especially if it means I get to wear a ski sweater. Plus now I know that if I'm ever too scared on top of a mountain again, I just have to lay down until someone much braver comes along and skis me down the mountain lol!

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