Friday, April 17, 2015

The Verdict

In my last post, I driveled on about the Cape Ann Blanket and my growing concern for coming up short on yarn. I forgot to mention that yes, I did do a swatch (although it was small and no, I didn't block it -- consider this lesson learned). Anyway, I finally pulled myself together and measured the blanket to find out once and for all if I was short on yarn. And the verdict is...

The CO edge is so long it wouldn't even fit in the picture!

....I'm not short!! But I'm not totally in the clear. It turns out my cast on edge is longer than I expected. Because the proportions were off, I thought I was short. Originally, the cast on edge was supposed to be 45" and then the cables would run horizontally for 60". It turns out that the cast on edge is more like 55".

The fix? Blocking, I hope lol!! For now, I'm going to keep knitting away to make the deadline, which I've decided needs to be April 26th to allow time for blocking and drying. This Sunday I leave for Charleston, South Carolina to attend a week-long conference for work. Fortunately this means lots of uninterrupted knitting time on the plane. Wish me luck!!

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