Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Packing Up!

By Friday, my fiance and I will officially be residents of Salem, MA! I assume that also means we will officially be witches too. Now that I'm back from a conference in Charleston, South Carolina, majority of my time this week must be dedicated to packing. Now this presents a bit of a conflict as I also need to be knitting, not just for my sanity, but to finish a gift for a wedding on Saturday. That's right, we are moving Friday and then leaving for a wedding in New Hampshire on Saturday... it will be a very busy weekend. Although to make up for all of the stress, I plan to end my day Sunday with a nice cold Lobster Martini at the Lobster Shanty in our new neighborhood.

My fiance Michael enjoying a Lobster Martini at the Lobster Shanty.

Okay so the Cape Ann Blanket... As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that I must officially give up on bringing it to the wedding. I mean, I'll bring it to the wedding so I can knit it on the car ride, but I won't be able to give it as a gift at the proper time. It's not that I have a lot left to do. In fact, I am 87.5% there --- I've used 21 out of the 24 balls of yarn already! It's that instead of knitting, I'm forced to spend all of my non-work time packing. Can you tell that I'm not bitter/frustrated at all by packing???

This project is borderline unportable at this point, but that's a sign that I'm almost done!
Plus at least it's packed and ready to go now haha.

Well, I guess one can only plan ahead so much. At least I know that the end is near with this blanket and that I'm getting better at ALMOST making deadlines. I am guessing that the gift will be a week late for time to soak, block, and unpack in there too. Wish me luck!

PS - Here's Millie, the three-legged, cancer surviving cat. I know it is a faux-pas to be
a knitter and not like cats, but now I can officially says that at least I like one cat.
This girl here stole my heart!

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