Friday, May 15, 2015

Favorites Friday: Hidden Gems

We all know that there are A LOT of patterns on ravelry, enough that you can spend hours wading through the endless number of choices. Sometimes when you dip too deep into the search results, you find yourself stuck in an abyss of horrendous 80's sweaters. Other times, you find gems...

4-3 men's jumper with pattern by DROPS design

4-3 men's jumper with pattern by DROPS design

I wasn't kidding when I said horrendous 80's sweaters haha. Still, I think this one is a gem. Looking past the bumblebee colors and large shoulders, the design has potential. In fact, the knitter of the one and only project for this pattern, FruBendiksen, was able to see this. By using a more palatable combination of colors and adjusting the sweater shape, she came up with this...

FruBendiksen's moded jumper

... a cute, sleek, and modern sweater!! Granted, it appears that the project has been in hibernation for 9 years, and is most likely frogged by now. Nonetheless, it serves as great inspiration that any pattern, even a horrendous 80's sweater pattern, has the potential to be something great.

Aran Style Sweater Pullover by Crystal Palace Yarns

Aran Style Sweater Pullover by Crystal Palace Yarns

Here's another sweater gem I've favorited after a few hours of mindless browsing. I favorited it because of the mix of textures. I think this would make a fun fall sweater a darker color - navy blue or black. Overall this sweater would make a great project, but I do foresee some challenges. First, I think the neckline would have to be changed. Second, the pattern only comes in one size, 36" chest, so if that's not your size, then you'd need to do some math.

I may never make these sweaters, but for now, they serve as great design inspiration for colorwork and textures. Unfortunately I have to stop after two favorites this week, as I have to check that flight to Germany in a few hours. Rest assured that I am almost finished packing :)  

Also a quick update on the Caramel Cardigan since I have yet to any progress pics. Well here you are! I've made some decent progress, and I love how the herringbone detail is coming along. 

Goal for plane.... finish the body!!

Consider this by "Before Plane" progress picture. I'll post the after as soon as get to wifi in Germany. So New England, see you later! I can't wait to share my German adventures with you!

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