Monday, February 2, 2015

Go Pats!

What a night! Last night my fiance, Michael, and I watched the Super Bowl at our friend's new house in Southie (South Boston). Needless to say, it was an exciting night and a great game, even for football un-enthusiasts.

The only thing I missed out on last night was being able to knit during the game. Football games are usually prime knitting time for me. Right now I am working on a pair of cabled mittens, which requires me to keep a constant eye on the instructions. I try not to pull out those kind of projects in a social setting. A mindless stockinette project is a whole other story of course.

WIP - Eugenia Mittens 

The Eugenia Mittens by Mollie Woodworth that I'm  working on are for the February Reddit KAL. On Saturday morning, I casted on with the a dark Autumn Red yarn and quickly knit up most of mitten.

Midway through the Eugenia mitten in Autumn Red.

Just as started the mitten top decreases, I realized that I did not have enough for a second one. My face looked just like this...

Once I finished moping about it, I casted on again with a light pink yarn. For this project I'm using Caron Simply Soft, which is a super soft and durable, acrylic yarn.

Attempt #2 on Eugenia mittens in Persimmon.
I toyed around with buying Cascade 220 for this project (Iridescence or Walnut Heather... or both), but I made a strikk New Year's resolution to destash before buying anything new. I have a large stash of Simply Soft thanks to my mom, who recycles the leftover yarn from her crocheted afghans to me. While I would prefer to use natural fiber, I do love the ease of washing and handling acrylic yarn for items such as slippers and mittens as they tend to take a lot of abuse.

So far I've finished 90% of one pink mitten, and I love how its turning out. The cable pattern is simple, but looks very intricate when its finished. This would make a great first "learn to cable" project. Plus there are two ways that one can repeat the cable pattern to get slightly different looks. If you're following the pattern, I did the 1-16, 1-16, 1-10 cable pattern.

Today is actually another snow day in Boston (third day in one week!), which means besides working from home, I can get in some good knitting time and make some headway on mitten #2.

Another beautiful snowfall this morning Brookline Village. 


  1. Are you sure that is an easy pattern for cabling noobs? It looks great!

    1. I think its a great cabling pattern for first time cablers. For a first cabling pattern, I recommend knitting something where (1) the cables are small (like C4 or C6 which means that you would be slipping 2 or 3 stitches respectively onto a cable or double pointed needle, (2) the pattern is clearly written, and (3) the pattern is repetitive. I think this pattern meets all three of those criteria. Let me know if you need any help! Cabling may seem daunting, but its not hard to get a handle on it.